We live in a modern, but dangerous society in which we must pay attention to everything surrounding us. But mostly, we need to feel safe, at least home. This is why we must make sure that our house and property are protected. In order to gain this sense of safety, we need to acquire a reliable home security alarm system , because it has become a necessity, it’s not a luxury anymore. These systems can help us protect our sweet home from burglars and fire. A home with a monitored security system has smaller chances of being robbed by intruders and it can also decrease the costs of our home insurance. A home security alarm system provides the maximum protection that we, our family and possessions deserve.

Different choices for home protection

There are some things that you should know about home security alarm systems: on the market you can find two different types: alarm systems which have separate components and self-contained alarm systems. The first type of security alarm system is the best solution if you want your system to secure several rooms of your house, at once. The master control panel is the most important component of any home security alarm system , because it receives the information transmitted by all the sensors, detectors and key pads, analyzes it and sends it to the monitoring company. The majority of such systems offer the user the possibility to activate at the same time as many sensors as he wants. The system can be equipped with special encoders which are programmed so as to show exactly which sensor was triggered. It can also help the user to monitor the open or closed doors and windows of his house. This security alarm system is activated by a secret code and is designed to rapidly contact the police or security office, fire, or emergency medical department.

Home security alarms for small locations

Home security alarm kit

The second type of security alarm systems best suit small houses, flats or offices and they can be installed very quickly on doors or windows, because all their components (sensor, control and alarm) are contained in a small box. These systems may be more practical and less expensive, but they are less effective, because they are very noise sensitive and consequently can produce false alarms, and the intruders can find them easily.

Home security alarm components

A home security alarm system can also include additional components, depending on your needs and on your house’s needs:

  • Key fobs – include buttons that allow the user to activate or deactivate the house alarm system;
  • Remote controls – also help to activate or deactivate the system, at a distance and can include a panic button, a key pad or a talking device;
  • Panic buttons – let you activate the house alarm and alert the authorities, if need be;
  • Smoke or fire detectors – indicate a fire in your house, notify instantly the fire department and allow you to escape in time;
  • Glass break detectors – minimize the risk that a burglar enters your house without being detected.

The purpose of a home security alarm system is to transform your home into a safer place, protecting you, your family and all your possessions. That is why you must search and then choose a high-quality alarm system, so that you can keep your peace of mind.