In a society full of burglars, thieves and kidnappers we all want to protect ourselves and the ones we love, our house, goods and property. And we can do that with a reliable home security monitoring system. Why is that so? Because in the past few years people pay more and more attention to their safety; and because a house without a monitoring system is approximately three times less likely to be robbed than one equipped with such a system. Thus home security monitoring has developed into an important business area, with the purpose of responding to the needs of the clients.

After you have opted for a home security monitoring system , it would be a good idea to search and see which are the options at your disposal and then contact a provider. Depending on your safety needs, you can choose between an extremely basic home security monitoring and a very complex one, because there are many features which can make your system more advanced.

Continuous protection for your home

Home security monitoring provides you and your family 24 hour a day protection from burglars, fire and it also allows you to monitor who is standing at your front door, the cleaning personnel and why not… the nanny. When you put in place your monitoring system, the first thing that you should do is to turn it on. Thus all the components of the house security system are activated and they will react if the system is breached in. They remain activated until you come back home and deactivate all the security monitoring system.

The home security monitoring system is not just a simple device which will sound an alarm when the windows or doors of your house are opened, after the activation of the system. It has become a complex system which integrates a control panel, security cameras, access contacts, motion detectors, breaking glass detectors (and much more), all aiming at offering you the best protection.

Home security monitoring system components

The home security monitoring system has various components which may be wireless, hard-wired or a combination of both. They are all very important and play their role to ensure best protection. The control panel is the brain of any home security monitoring system. If an alarm is tripped, the control panel will send the alarm information to the security monitoring station. There, the trained professionals will call your home to see whether your home security monitoring system has been breached in or it was only a false alarm. If you don’t deactivate the alarm in 30 seconds or you don’t respond, the dispatchers will call the authorities and send them to your house.

It is advisable that you place inside but also outside security cameras, to be able to monitor everything that is happening in your house and on your property. Inside security cameras will help you monitor the employees that have access in your house when you are not there. The outside security cameras deter the burglars and can offer valuable evidence against those who don’t get scared by these cameras.

The motion detectors will sound the alarm of your security system if they detect that someone has just entered your house, someone who uses a motion detector. And finally, the glass breaking detectors “hear” the sound of breaking glass and thus trigger the security system.

The level of protection that you will get from your home security monitoring system depends on its components, complexity and on the monitoring company that you choose. So, make sure that you get the best!

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