How To Secure Roof Domes?

Roof domes are a perfect alternative to typical windows that fail to provide sufficient daylight or oxygen in the room. Apart from lightening the entire room, it makes it aesthetically pleasing by giving magnificent views of the azure blue sky. Roof domes can be rectangular, circular, or pyramid-shaped and are also of varying sizes.

 Apart from their countless benefits, they still provide an easy way for burglars to break into your home. As they can be unlocked by simply smashing the glass panes. Therefore proprietors should take extra safety measures to make their place secure and safe. So here are some queries that will help you in securing roof domes;

What Are The Major Safety Risks Associated With Roof Domes?

In the majority of cases, the threat to an individual’s security is due to his negligence.  Most individuals usually forget to close the window hence giving an open invitation to the burglars to break into the place. It mostly happens during the summer season as people leave their windows open to reduce humidity and high-temperature. The safety risks are high with flat roofs as compared to sloping or pitched roofs. 

Which Is The Best Method For Securing Roof Domes?

The two effective ways through which roof domes protect against burglary are;

  • Addition of an Extra Layer of Glass (Glazing):

The roof domes protect against burglary by adding an extra sheet of robust glass on the outer region. A highly strong wear-resistant glass will serve as a shield against intruders. Hence this way the burglars cannot barge into anyone’s property through roof domes or windows. 

For additional support, the roof dome is laminated from the inner side. It will only make the window crack in response to a forceful strike.  Lamination will cause small pieces of glass to fall in case of shattering of the glass window. It not only acts as an obstacle for the intruders but also ensures safety for the inhabitants. 

  • Security Locks:

 Glazing and lamination make the windows resistant to breakage but still, there is an extra safety measure that is needed to be taken. Therefore another way of making the roof domes extra secure is by installing efficient security locks from inside. It will further strengthen the security of your place and will be a stumbling stone for the burglars. So individuals having an older version of these roof domes should consider installing new ones.   

The more the weak points the higher are the chances for the burglary to occur. A poor security system is nothing but an easier way for intruders to barge into your property. Therefore it is imperative to take appropriate measures to strengthen the security of your place.

 Apart from glazing and setting up security locks to the roof domes, there are other ways of safeguarding. For instance, checking the roof domes frequently for any damage or installation of a security system near the window. Hence all these efforts will help in burglary prevention at body domes.   

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